About Us

Our Story

Since its founding in the 1970’s , Advanced Appearance has gained recognition for its extensive line of hair loss treatments for men. Having worked for Advanced Appearance for many years prior and having a strong interest in the hair replacement industry, Linda Heeley became a director of the company in 2003 when the previous owners retired.

Soon after, Linda made the decision to launch Pink Hair Solutions, our sister company, in 2006 to help women who were going through hair loss due to burns, chemotherapy, alopecia, female pattern hair loss, and other causes.


With over 35 years of experience, Linda has travelled widely throughout Europe and the USA to identify the most effective hair loss solutions for both men and women.

Linda has shared her expertise and abilities with a talented team of ten specialists at Advanced Appearance, which has grown over the years.

We take great pride in guaranteeing that you will receive the most discreet and professional service possible. We offer individual styling rooms as well as private family consultation rooms to guarantee your confidentiality.

The team names are left to right: Sarah, Courtney, Levi, Emily, Kelly – underneath: Peter, Linda.

Our Team



Linda has been actively involved in the hair replacement industry for more than 30 years. Outside of work, Linda likes to go on holidays with her husband, take their dog Rosie for walks on the beach, and shopping for great deals!


Manager of Accounts and Administration

Sonia has been our accounts manager for a number of years and is passionate about her role. Sonia takes pride in treating people the way she would like to be treated, and her moral principles are derived from her Christian faith. She loves nothing more than spending time with her family as she is a wife, mother, and grandmother.



In 2019, Emily obtained her certification from the Institute of Trichologists. Being Linda’s daughter means she is always business-minded, but in her free time, Em enjoys spending time with her family and travelling overseas with her fiancé.


Lead Consultant

Because Levi has personal experience with hair loss, her perspective is particularly empathetic, making Lee the best at what she does. Weekends are for hanging out with the family and going to brunch with the girls.


Styling Genius

Over the last 16 years, Kelly has more than proven she is capable of performing any type of cut. She enjoys getting to know her clients personally and is the chatterbox of the clinic. Kelly likes to go on fun days out with her husband and son as well as cheeky nights out with the girls when she has free time.


Styling Genius

Our curly queen Perri is well-versed in a variety of fashions and trends. Since she is the clinic prankster, we can never help but laugh with and at her! Pez is loving being a mum to her young son.


Styling Genius

Despite being with us for 23 years, Sarah doesn’t look old enough! Sarah loves creating unique colours and styles. Sarah’s favourite thing to do is spend time with her kids and going out with her friends.



Courtney is usually seen rushing from client to client to make sure everything is in its proper place. She keeps herself busy by doing a little bit of everything, but when she does have time to unwind, Court enjoys spending time with her son and partner.


Personal Assistant

Having managed a hair replacement clinic before, Jackie joined us in 2023, bringing with her over thirty years of experience. The clinic had recently closed due to a personal loss in the owner’s family. By coincidence, our company director Linda’s first job was at the clinic Jackie joined us from, so the two have been friends for a long time! Jackie is an outgoing person who enjoys taking long walks with her dog, Bandit.


Styling Genius

Donnella, who joined us from the same hair replacement clinic as Jackie, became part of our team in 2023. Donnella had trained with our company director Linda at the previous clinic several years prior. With over thirty years of experience, Don is passionate about her work. However, when she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her son and relaxing at home.



Katie joined us in 2023 after passing her Hairdressing qualifications with flying colours. After completing training here with us for hair replacement, she has become a well-liked member of the team, who is eager to learn more about the industry. In her spare time, Katie is an avid gamer who loves spending time with family.