During your appointment, we will determine which of our many attachments is best for you based on your lifestyle.

You can feel confident that we have the perfect attachment for you – whether you spend time playing sports, enjoy the gym, swimming, or none of the above.

We will go through the available options in detail and take into account your budget, preferred degree of maintenance, occupation, and any other aspects of your lifestyle before concluding which attachment is best.

We might question you on things like: What do you do for a living? Do you wear a hard-hat? Are you able to style the system yourself? Would receiving maintenance services in this clinic make be more convenient for you? Have you considered a budget?

We will provide skin-tests for our attachments, at least 48 hours before your first service or fitting with us.

Our Attachments Include:

  • Tape
  • Clips
  • Perimeter Bond
  • Scalp Adhesive
  • Hardbond (with existing hair)

Which Attachment is Right For Me?

Top pieces can be attached in a variety of ways as they are designed to be worn with your existing hair. Our attachments are divided into two categories: “permanent” and “semi-permanent” (you can read more about this further down the page).
Since full-head systems are “head huggers,” meaning they fit flush to the scalp for optimal comfort, they are meant to be worn with little to no hair underneath. Should you require them, non-slip silicon patches and tape areas can be sewed into your system. If you have hair beneath, you may need clips attaching to the system, to secure it.

During your one-to-one consultation, your consultant will provide you with advice on the ideal attachment.

How Long Will My Attachment Last For?

We provide two different kinds of attachments: “permanent” and “semi-permanent.” It helps to consider the differences between them and how these attachments might suit your needs.

Permanent: Hardbond, Adhesive, and Perimeter Bond are longer-lasting and hassle-free attachments that require little maintenance in between appointments, lasting up to four weeks.

Semi-Permanent: Tape and Clips: These everyday wear attachments provide you flexibility and freedom if you’re drawn to the idea of a simpler attachment and a shorter holding period.

Can I Change My Attachment?

As long as you let us know when you make your booking and have undergone skin testing for the attachment you want to use, you can switch between attachment types if you’re a new wearer and would like to try a few different kinds. For example, you have the option to switch from daily wear tape to a permanent attachment for a special occasion or holiday.

 If you currently wear a hair system, we understand that switching attachments can be intimidating, particularly if you have been using the same type for a long time, but don’t worry—we are here to support you.

You can find out more by booking in for a maintenance service with us, just give us a call!

Each of our attachments has a different price; call reception at 0121 377 7689 to learn more.

Products - Attachments

We provide a wide selection of products for each of our various attachment kinds. Including a numerous tapes, adhesives (liquid and glue strips), scalp preparations, touch-up bonds, replacement clips, and additional supplies.

If you currently wear a hair system and would like to buy your products from us, you can do so in-person or through our Amazon store online.

Free Consultation

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