Hair Systems

Non-surgical hair restoration methods such as part-pieces, full-head wigs, and other concealment products, can provide a cost-effective solution to your hair loss concerns.

At Advanced Appearance we carry hundreds of pre-designed hair systems in stock, in both human, and synthetic hair, in an extensive range of styles and shades. Our manufacturers produce undetectable full or partial systems by utilizing the most recent technological developments. Stock systems are available in a wide variety of styles, lengths, colours, and base constructions as they are pre-designed. We can still modify them for you even though they are pre-made—the possibilities are truly unlimited! Our skilled stylists take care of any necessary cutting and styling in-clinic to make your hair system 100% YOU. In order to guarantee a flawless fit, we can also reduce the base size of various systems, add tape regions, sew in clips, and increase grey percentages. If you’re looking for a fast, affordable remedy for hair loss, stock hair systems are an ideal solution.

During your free consultation, your consultant will provide advice on the base construction that best meets your needs. There are multiple base structures to choose from, such as all-over lace, lace and polyurethane, complete polyurethane, mesh, polyurethane with a lace front, and more!

After something different? Look no further than our custom-made systems. Our custom hair systems are made with the finest human hair and are precisely matched to your natural hair in colour and density. During your appointment, our experts will advise you if a custom-made wig or hair system is most suitable for your needs. You will receive guidance throughout the order and production process. We will measure your scalp, make a template of it, and discuss the colour, length, curl pattern, and density you desire.

Key Hair System Features

Our hair systems can cover any area of hair loss, including the frontal hairline, temporal recession, scalp vertex, and crown.

You may require a full head system if the area intended to be covered is greater than our partial systems, as top pieces are typically 8″ x 10″ or smaller. Although most full-head systems are manufactured in standard sizes, we also offer a selection of small and large cap systems. In addition, we have children’s wigs in stock and can make petite cap wigs to fit young children and adolescents.

Pre-Designed or Custom Made? How to Decide?



Human Hair or Synthetic?

With human-hair systems, you can choose to wear your hair straight, curly, or with a natural wave as human hair systems can withstand direct heat application while synthetic hair cannot. Human hair systems behave remarkably similarly to your natural hair, making them a fantastic choice if you enjoy spending time on your own hair and experimenting. Human hair systems will respond to sunlight by gradually lightening – we can help with this since we provide a wide range of maintenance services and can restore the original colour of your system.

Though we do carry a large selection of completely synthetic partial hair systems should this be your preference, synthetic hair is typically used for full head systems or grey percentages. Because synthetic wigs are constructed of man-made materials that keep colour effectively, the colour doesn’t fade over time. Synthetic hair has a three to six month lifespan. To preserve the appearance of your system and lessen static buildup, we recommend that you book regular wash and steam services.

Free Consultation

At Advanced Appearance we offer FREE one-to-one hair loss consultations. Our discretion extends far beyond our clinic frontage; as we have 7 private consultation rooms and an elite team with years of first-hand understanding and experience, to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease when you visit us.

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