Aftercare and Maintenance

Aftercare and Maintenance

Advanced Appearance offer continued support for you and your system – you can message us any time, any day. Whether you have a query, need advice, or are looking for products to maintain your system – the services we offer are second-to-none.

Maintenance Services

Wash and Blow-Dry (Human Hair)£32.95 – £39.95
Wash and Steam (Synthetic Only)£29.95 - £37.95
Cut and Style£49.95 - £59.95
Cut Only£22.95
Colouring£15.95 - £25.95
ReducementStarting from £19.95
Hair AddingGet a Quote
RepairsGet a Quote
Scalp TreatmentsStarts from £19.95
OlaplexStarts from £25.95
Bond Touch-Up (tack down on front hairline only)£13.95
Wash and blow-dry (human hair)
£32.95 - £39.95

Whether it’s for a night out, or you simply fancy a freshen-up – our wash and blow-dry service can be done on any attachment.

Wash and steam (synthetic only)
£29.95 - £37.95

Similar to our wash and blow-dry service (for human hair), our wash and steam is a great way to keep your hair system looking fresh. We advise that for synthetic systems, this service is done at least every 6 weeks. Our professional steamer is used to reduce any friction build up, to keep your system in the best condition, helping to prolong the life of the system.

Cut and Style
£49.95 - £59.95

This can be done as a complete service for those on tape or clips – as the system is removed, washed, dried, your own hair wash, dried and trimmed, the unit re-attached, and then styled accordingly. However, for those on a permanent attachment, this can be used as an interim service, with the hair system still attached, we will wash and blow-dry the system, trim your own hair, and style to your preference.

Cut Only

If you have a busy schedule, but want to look fresh between services, coming in for a cut-only will keep your hair looking great and ensure your hair is always seamlessly blended into your system.

£15.95 - £25.95

Are you a frequent flyer / enjoy the sun? Hair systems will naturally lighten over time, but rest assured, we can take them back to their original colour. Or, if you are looking for a more unique colour for your system, we can tint your hair system to achieve the perfect colour for you.

Reducements, hair adding and repairs

We can customize stock hair systems for the best fit by adapting their size to suit your requirements. Additionally, whether through general wear and tear, or a total accident, their may be a time when you need us to repair your system – we can vent more hair into your system, repair base structures, and more. Please book in to see us for your quote and time scale.


If you have a defined curl, but time restricts you from ordering a custom-made system, we are able to perm stock human-hair systems to replicate your natural curl pattern.

Scalp treatments
Starts from £19.95

If you suffer from dandruff or another scaling condition, our medicated scalp formulas, available in both spray and ointment form, can help combat this. These can be done during your maintenance service, and will be advised upon by our Trichologist.

Bond Touch-Up (tack down)

This is done to re-bond the front hairline for extra hold between main services. We lift the affected area, remove any residue, and reapply your adhesive glue / tape, to re-secure the hairline temporarily.


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Main Services (for permanent attachments only)


Complete re-grooming and re-attachment (micropoint OR adhesive)

It is recommended that you have your system removed for cleaning and then reattached, up to four weeks after your last service. A re-groom service includes cleaning the base of your wig or top piece, scalp exfoliation, medicated mud mask cleansing (for adhesive clients), shampooing your hair and system, blow-drying, styling, and cutting.



Our stylists are the best at blending new hair systems into your natural hair. Your new system will be attached seamlessly, cleaned, trimmed, and styled. We also provide our fitting service to customers who have purchased systems from other suppliers; give us a call on 0121 377 7689 to learn why you should choose or move to us!

Free Consultation

At Advanced Appearance we offer FREE one-to-one hair loss consultations. Our discretion extends far beyond our clinic frontage; as we have 7 private consultation rooms and an elite team with years of first-hand understanding and experience, to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease when you visit us.

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